Breaks Are Now Part of Area 51

That’s right! Area 51 is now a place that you can break confidently and safely! As we have continuously updated our cameras and video quality, we have decided to start breaking product for both personal and groups. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by our YouTube channel and check them out, please clickContinue reading “Breaks Are Now Part of Area 51”

Card Buyer’s Guide: December 2020

by Blake Hockenbrough Area 51 Collectibles Card Investments Specialist Tis the season for giving, and also buying sportscards! This holiday season will give us a great lineup of cards to select from, whether you are purchasing for yourself or someone else. In this article I am going to weigh in on the new releases forContinue reading “Card Buyer’s Guide: December 2020”

A Quick Look: 2020 Mosaic Football by Panini

Panini Mosaic Football 2020 Mosaic Football made its debut in 2020 and is loaded with parallels, inserts and autographs of all the best rookies. The colorful Opti-chrome Prizm technology is a real eye catcher and has quickly become a fan favorite of many collectors. The 300-card base set contains hall-of-famers, veterans, and rookies alike. Following suitContinue reading “A Quick Look: 2020 Mosaic Football by Panini”

Who We Are: Area 51 Collectibles

Blake and I are excited to be bringing back the fan favorite Area 51 Collectibles name to the hobby industry. Combined, we have more than 40 years of collecting and hobby experience and thrilled to bring that knowledge to your screen. We are poised to turn our long running industry history into educational content, helpingContinue reading “Who We Are: Area 51 Collectibles”