Who We Are: Area 51 Collectibles

Blake and I are excited to be bringing back the fan favorite Area 51 Collectibles name to the hobby industry. Combined, we have more than 40 years of collecting and hobby experience and thrilled to bring that knowledge to your screen. We are poised to turn our long running industry history into educational content, helping collectors maximize the enjoyment of the hobby and realize the best possible results of their investments.

Our goal is simple. Educate and entertain collectors from all walks of life about the best practices to get the most from their hobby. With videos and articles about collectibles, we will make sure you learn the needed information to build an amazing personal collection or make a solid financial investment for the future.

Our bios speak for themselves, but we are committed to proving our knowledge and experience week in and week out to keep you up to date on the collectibles hobby in the most convenient way possible!

Things you can expect from Area 51 Collectibles going forward:

  • Educational Videos (Setting a foundation for new collectors)
  • Product Reviews (Putting releases through our rating process and giving you honest thoughts)
  • Speculation / Investment Insight (Giving you our two-cents on what we are buying)
  • Product Breaks (Professional card breaks offered to entertain and view an array of products)
  • Do’s & Don’ts (Articles about how to make sure your money isn’t wasted!)

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Thank you for stopping by and we can’t wait to help you with your hobby!

2 thoughts on “Who We Are: Area 51 Collectibles

  1. Hello, tonight was my first time breaking with you guys and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the professionalism that you afford to the hobby it is nice to be part of the process thank you.

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