A Quick Look: 2020 Mosaic Football by Panini

Panini Mosaic Football 2020

Mosaic Football made its debut in 2020 and is loaded with parallels, inserts and autographs of all the best rookies. The colorful Opti-chrome Prizm technology is a real eye catcher and has quickly become a fan favorite of many collectors. The 300-card base set contains hall-of-famers, veterans, and rookies alike. Following suit with it’s “big brother” Prizm, Mosaic carries a similar look and feel

Here we will give a quick breakdown of the differences in hobby and mass retail product so you the buyer know what to look for…

Why choose Mosaic hobby?

Hobby as some exclusive inserts that may generate interest simply because of how beautiful the cards look. Hobby-exclusive inserts: In it to Win it, Center Stage, Swagger, Stained Glass and Overdrive. Also exclusive to hobby boxes are the Autograph Mosaic and Rookie Autograph Mosaic inserts featuring SSP Gold and Black parallels (which means the only place to get the most Mosaic autos is in hobby product.) Hunt for the hobby-only Base and Rookie parallels Red, Blue (numbered to 99), Purple (numbered to 49), White (numbered to 25), Gold (numbered to 10) and Black 1/1s. These cards are sure to continue climbing the value ladder over time and just from the performance of Prizm in the past, should be worth the investment.

Why buy retail Mosaic?

Lots of pretty color parallels are exclusive to the mass retail products (Target & Wal-Mart.) Camo Pink (Cello Multi-Pack), Orange Fluorescent (Blaster), Pink Fluorescent (Mega Box), and Mosaic Reactive Orange (Hanger) make for a fun pack opening experience. The lack of abundant autographs in retail does make the “Hits” a little less impressive compared to other products, but the Rookie Scripts do pack an impressive punch and are found specifically in retail. From our experience these seem to show up most frequently in the multi-pack cellos, but are found in the other mass retail products as well. Don’t sleep on the parallels however! So far they have kept great value when looking at sold prices at auction.

What makes Mosaic different? 

When talking about Mosaic you have to start with the card design and colors. A true eye catching product that will stand out in any collection. Between the parallels and the inserts there are plenty of fun cards to pull that make this product a fun rip. The inclusion of iconic Hall of Famers does make for some fun nostalgia (although that’s less of an investment quality and more personal fun choice.) The base cards have a wonderful mirror finish that makes the set really stand out and we are confident will be the “#2 base rookies” for 2020 (behind 2020 Prizm.)

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